About us

CHILILAY – Max Your Party

CHILILAY – This is the app you have been searching for… specifically within parties, both for private parties and nightclubs around the world. This is where you easily find your next party and meet up with friends and meet new people. Benefit from a massive app with all the right features to ensure the perfect night out for you and your friends. We know because we have partied a lot – and still do!

Private parties:

Ever wanted to create the perfect epic party? With CHILILAY you can! This party app lets you create your own profile and invite your friends and other app users in the world to your parties! You can also search for parties near you and locate nightclubs. The app features a map where it makes it very easy to either call a local cab, use public transportation, drive in your own car, or if you’re nearby, walk to your destination. You can enjoy features such as chat, text, videos and photos, and party search – for both private and night clubs. Add friends via your phonebook and share any event or party with anyone you desire. You can make your party public or private and you can quickly see who else is at the party, event or nightclub. TRY IT – LOVE IT – SHARE IT

Nightclub, bar, events:

Inviting other app users to your club is an important feature we included in the app that makes for a crucial difference for a successful event or a full house! Via this app, you can promote events through your business profile and become friends with people or businesses who you can share anything with relating to a perfect night out for your guests. Furthermore, features such as push messaging makes it easier to communicate to people searching for parties near you and your club followers. This is the app to use if you want to generate much more audience for your club. Your club can also advertise through CHILILAY for users worldwide to see and enjoy, or just for your selected area. CHILILAY will, and have already, put the greatest of efforts into making this app a perfect tool to get that all important step closer to your customers. We have approached this app with consideration and a full understanding for any type of party, nightclub, event and even festival requirements… and we will continue our mission and seek out new untouched territory for your club's benefits.